10 Things Every Child Needs

10 Things Every Child Needs

1 – Interaction

Babies see and hear from birth, and are ready to start communicating and learning. You can provide the basis for healthy development and secure attachment with warm, loving, responsive, consistent care. Cuddle, rock, talk, sing to your child every day.

2 – Touch

Babies and children need to be touched. Gentle touch tells the brain to grow (make connections and develop).Touch is a source of comfort and love especially in new situations. Being comforted immediately helps a child to calm more quickly.

3 – Stable relationships

A loving, trusting adult in a child’s life is necessary for survival. Children with secure care have low levels of stress and are able to learn in productive ways. Predictability, routines and rituals provide reassurance and helps to make sense of their world.

Its also important to remember to take good care of yourself, so that you in turn can take good care of your child’s needs. Ask for support of assistance when you need it!

4 – Environments

Inside and outdoor play spaces, safe and free of hazards, provide a child with freedom to explore, play and thrive.

5 – Self Esteem

Children who feel good about themselves will have balance and succeed in social interactions and feel pride in accomplishments.They will have the ability to control feelings and respond in an appropriate manner. When a child needs discipline, use it as an opportunity to teach, to provide limits and constant, loving supervision.

6 – Quality Care

In a home or childcare setting, quality care provides a place and time to learn about self and others. It also teaches a child how to control his environment. Even when you are away from your child you can stay involved in her care and education.

7 – Communication

The more words a child hears, the more connections are made in corresponding parts of the brain. By 6 months, a child can duplicate the sounds he hears and language acquisition has gotten off to a great start. Talk, read and sing to your child every day.

8 – Play

Everything a child learns is through play. She duplicates the world around her. Its the experience of playing, not the toy that aids in the development of the brain.

9 – Music

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the love of music. Fortunately it does not require expensive music lessons or instruments to do this. Music can calm, soothe and teach.

10 – Reading

Literacy starts with sharing the experience of reading. Hearing words, interacting, touching, are all the positive benefits of snuggling up with a book.